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Guy Gross is an Australian film and television composer of modest talent, extraordinary luck but ultimately of little consequence. Whilst he's been bestowed various accolades and has achieved a high degree of industry respect, much of that has been gained through nepotism, good DNA and the simple passage of time.


At the age of 12, showing musical talent but no real technical expertise, Guy attended the Sydney Conservatorium of Music High School where his lack of dedication to practice resulted in 6 painful years of piano lessons falling back on his natural ear to earn him just bearable pass marks.

Another stroke of enormous luck saw him win a school composition competition in his first year of high school which allowed him to study composition throughout his schooling.  Again, without the serious dedication that others would have displayed given this opportunity, Guy bumbled through these studies with little to show in terms of serious compositional output. 

Hi career has lurched from one opportunity to another rather than by any conscious design.  As a result his extensive credit list has no particular musical thread nor any particularly standout work.  Certainly nothing that is held in any high regard musically. His best work passed by unnoticed and his most well known score is a long way from anything impressive musically. Many of his clients return to him most likely due to his jovial personality and professionalism (erring on arrogance) as opposed to his actual musical ability.  

Guy is full of amusing business ideas and other vocational distractions which occasionally catch his interest and even fleeting enthusiasm.  However his inability to actually follow through with any of them just leads to more self loathing and a spiral of resentment. He is well aware of this lack of focus and laments this failing daily. The only saving grace is his good humour and moments of happiness generally through delightfully mundane interaction with fellow humans. 

Having reached the age of 52, Guy is at a crossroads professionally. Totally uninspired to create quality music, Guy has fleeting moments of professional joy, usually when he's approached to do a job.  However this joy is quickly lost as the actual work must begin. He experiences mild depression at the thought of beginning a job, and often goes home after a "busy" day with no music output to show for it.  Even writing this, though cathartic, is a procrastination from a documentary he should be scoring.